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Welcome -

We invite you look through our site, it wont take long, and you'll detect a few things:

We aren't some big corporation that is looking to make money off of you or your ideas.
We aren't a legal entity that is offering you quick patents/or instant riches.
We aren't going to ask anything from you.

Who are we then?

We are a group of growing individuals that have accumulated many scraps of paper that represent ideas that we have had to better our lives and those around us.

I call the list I carry with me, my "Million Dollar ideas". You know, some day I could make a million dollars off one of these things if I could just ...

"Just" get this to work... or "just" had time... or "just" had a place to test something, or if I "just" knew someone... or "just" had some cash...

You get it.. I too have fallen victim to the "just" phrase. In several meetings with people like yourself, I've come across something I truly think helps get ideas out of the "just" stage, and into the "do" stage.

What is that?

Simply put, HELP.

I can't tell you how many ideas have been pushed along by this simple, under-used method. We provide protected dialog with only the people you choose to get HELP from.

To see what we can offer YOU - check our HELP section.

Joe Skala - Founder,

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HELP ! What to expect -

(if you've jumped here and feel a little lost, please back up and read the "Start Here" section)

What kind of help can you expect?

If you have an idea but aren't sure if it's worth pursuing, we can HELP you in product or idea formation and searches.

If you need a prototype, we HELP get one made.

If you need to build a business case to pitch your idea, we can HELP you create one. (if you aren't sure what a business case is - we can HELP with that too)

If you need some start up cash (seed money) we have contacts to HELP get your idea funded.

If you have already started producing something, and you aren't sure where to take it next, we can HELP you look at other marketing outlets.

Truth is we all need help, and the group support works!

Ready to go? Please choose "What's Next" below.

What's next?

Glad you asked !

If you are ready to get started with your idea, don't "just" think about it.. drop us an email, tell us a little about yourself and where we can help.

We are a Chicago and suburbs based group that is growing in numbers.

If you want to drop into one of our gatherings, or schedule your own time to meet and talk, let us know. If you prefer email to get started, that works too.

If you get some pointers from the group and we never hear from you again, we get it.. you've got money to make ! :)

No pressure - no obligation, and no B.S.

If you are worried about your idea getting into the wrong hands, we offer confidentiality agreements (you can run past your lawyer friends) and get all the protection you need. If you still feel weird about working with us, no problem.

Our bottom line :
We all need help - and your HELP is but an email request away. Why not take your ideas and get them working for you?

You'll meet some nice people, and be one step closer to putting your idea into action !

Click here to get started !